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Clean-Up & Removal

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Extra Amenities

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Customer and/or their caterers are responsible for moving and taking down all tables, chairs, buffets and bars rented for their guests.

It is the responsibility of the Customer and/or caterer to supply adequate staff to clean the event and catering prep area.  
Clean-up must be completed by Customer and/or caterer within one and a half hours after the event ends.

Clean-up lasting longer than one and a half hours may be billed to the Customer at $250.00 per hour or portion of an hour.
All client owned property is to be taken away at the end of the event.  

The staff at Crystal Room will keep your boxes and original packaging to make your clean-up that much easier at the end of your event.  
Excessive clean-up expenses will be deducted from your retainer.

If Crystal Room offers the extra amenity, then it should be reserved through Crystal Room.

Please ask a Crystal Room representative for


 There is no charged gratuity by Crystal Room.  

If you are happy with the service you receive, the staff would greatly appreciate any gratuity offered at your discretion. 

Please see the banquet hall manager at the end of your event.

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