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Set-Up & Deliveries


Customer and/or their caterers are responsible for moving and setting up all tables, chairs, buffets and bars rented for their guests.

It is the responsibility of the Customer and/or caterer to supply adequate staff to set up the venue.  

The staff at Crystal Room is happy to help set-up your event as long as everything is ready to go and be placed on the tables.  

Some set-ups may be subject to additional charges.  Please unwrap items and remove all price tags, stickers, etc. before bringing them to Crystal Room.  

You may also want to wash your champagne glasses and cake knife before dropping them off.  Make sure everything is just the way you want it to be placed on the tables when you drop it off at Crystal Room.

If your florist is making table centerpieces, supplying rose petals, cake flowers, etc., it is their responsibility to set it up.  

Crystal Room reserves the right to schedule events for both the afternoon and evening in the same day. Hall viewing and set-up will be limited under such circumstances.  

Vendors may arrive no earlier than two hours before the contracted start time of your event.

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